Hit Your 5-Figure Months And A 6-Figure Year, Organically (Without Any Ad Spend)

The Exact Roadmap To Take To Get the Foot In The Door Of A $375 Billion Industry, Build And Grow A Scalable And Profitable Online Course Or Coaching Program To Consistent 5-Figure Months.

Let's Map Out Your 5-Figure Months & Your 6 Figure Year Now, So You Only Have To Think Once And Are Ready To Fully Take Action In 2022!

2 Stage Cycle

The most profitable, easiest and fastest way to structure your product line (97% of creators do this wrong!).

Sales strategies

Diving deep into the "Sell Via DMs" strategy, using my unique CPC method that will fill up your calendar with sales calls and your launches with participants!

Financial Formula

The exact financial formulas for each strategy to map out your organic 5-figure months and predict your organic 6-figure year.

Plan Your pay

Let's plan your financial & personal goals together LIVE in this workshop, so you can make the next year all about taking action!

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"MY 6-FIGURE YEAR" Workbook

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